RG3 is living out a dream with the control he’s been given over the Redskins’ offense

Redskins quarterback Robert griffin III is loving the control he now has over Washington’s new offense under head coach Jay Gruden.

“I don’t think anything they’re asking us to do is too much or too heavy for us,” Griffin said, via ESPN.com. ‘I like to think I can hold a lot of weight on my shoulders, as a quarterback, as a leader of the team. That’s the way it goes. That’s what the greats do and I want to be the greatest.”

“It’s a quarterback’s dream you want to have control at the line,” Griffin said, “to get out of things and to protect yourself in protection. I enjoy it. It’s fun.”

Now it’s time for RG3 to prove why he was one of the top picks in the 2012 draft.


  • http://twitter.com/aprilwalker14 april walker

    Well Well..isn’t he happy now?? I’m a fan of 30 years.. Love my Skins but man..why can’t I shake the feeling that this kid is gonna be our downfall?? Trying to give him a fresh start but he keeps talking.. Hope I’m wrong..HTTR