RG3 heartbroken over Mike Shanahan fallout

robert griffin III 2Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III told Bleacher Report’s Les Carpenter about the emotional part of his fallout with Mike Shanahan.

“For me it was just heartbreaking,” Griffin said. “You know with everything that happened — came into the league with — I was a huge Bronco fan, everybody knew that, and I had the coach of my dreams pick me in the draft.”

Griffin was asked he knows why things got so bad so fast.

“No,” he said. “But right now I don’t need to try, you know? … Yeah, I put last year into perspective and have used it as fuel to move me forward, but I don’t need to try to understand why it happened because it’s kind of like trying to understand why there are so many planets out there, or is anyone else out there, or how did God build the human body. How did all this stuff happen? It can drive you crazy.”