RG3 declined a fan’s wedding invitation, but sent him an autograph (Photo)

rg3According to the DC Sports Bog,  a Redskins fan named Zach Curley sent Robert Griffin III an invitation to his wedding.

RG3 declined, but sent something really nice in return.

“I just thought it would be pretty cool,” Curley, 30, told me this week. “I thought there wasn’t that much of a chance that I’d get anything back, but I sent it anyways.”

Griffin actually got back to Curley within one week.

“Shocked,” Curley said. “Just that somebody as big as RGIII would take the time, right away, to write something back — I thought that was really cool. Obviously I’ll be a Redskins fan all my life, but he will be my favorite player from now on, until the end of time.”


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