RG3 challenged Pierre Garcon to a race, says knee brace hasn’t slowed him down

robert griffin III

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon told reporters that he believes that he believes Robert Griffin III’s knee brace has slowed him down.

Griffin told the media that he’s just as fast as he was last season.

“There’s no knee issue,” Griffin said, via ESPN.com. “I love my receiver. If he wants to race, then we can race.”

Garcon reportedly laughed at Griffin’s challenge.

“When I came here they told me he was faster than me already. Everybody’s fast in this league. I try to be fast when I’m on the field. I try to be fast when I’m in practice. … It’s not about racing me,” he said.

Garcon still believes extra equipment slows players down.

“When you have extra equipment on you can’t move as fluid or as fast as you could if you didn’t have that on. It’s common sense really. If you carry extra stuff on you, you won’t be as fast,” he said.


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