RG3 admits that some of his teammates don’t like him

robert griffin IIIRedskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has made it clear that he;s not worried about everyone liking him.

“Trust me, I’m not worried about anyone liking me,” Griffin said Wednesday, via ESPN.com.

Griffin even admits not all of his teammates don’t like him.

“I know where Jay is coming from when he says those things,” Griffin said. “I learned not everyone is going to like you. That’s the nature of the business, that’s the nature of human beings. There are people in this room that don’t like me. You just have to move on from that stuff. Jay being here has helped me grow. My family has helped me grow. … Those things come with the territory.”

Griffin said he has “nothing” to prove.

“I do this for my teammates,” he said. “I do this for my family, for my organization. We don’t have anything to prove to anybody out there. All we have to do is go out and be the team we know we can be. If you want to say we have a lot to prove to ourselves within this building … it’s about all of us going out and being successful. Like I said many times this offseason, they go as I go. If I play well, we play well. If I don’t play well, we don’t play well.”

RG3 says he just has to stay focused.

“Our job is to ignore the noise, to stay focused,” Griffin said. “It’s not to prove anyone wrong; it’s for us to be successful.”






  1. joey just says

    I am a Redskin fan and people can say what they want.We all have our own opinion,just like we all have a donkey hole.I could not have said that any better without using bad words.”HTTR HV BOTW FFODC”.

  2. says

    I’m pulling for him but have to say, he has his own self to blame for people not liking him. Seems like he blames everybody but him for anything that happens. He did last year anyway. Hope we see a new QB this season! HTTR

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