Rex Ryan still won’t give up the Wildcat

rex ryan

Many teams that used the Wildcat in the past have since moved on from it, but for some reason Jets head coach Rex Ryan isn’t willing to let go.

Ryan told the media today that they plan on using the Wildcat more this season.

“I would say we probably would,” Ryan said, via, “because, like you guys say, we never used it (in 2012). So I would say, yeah. I would think that’s part of what we do.”

Ryan claims that the Wildcat is “here to stay, for the simple fact that guys are getting these quarterbacks now — these mobile quarterbacks — and the size, speed and all of that kind of stuff, so I do think it’s here to stay.”

“It does give you the numbers back,” he said. “Sometimes on defense you’re playing with plus-one, but it’s the great equalizer and that’s what I was saying when we were putting it in with Brad, and Leon Washington and (Tim) Tebow or whoever. But the other thing is you’re seeing different guys do it. We’ve had Jeremy Kerley do it, we’ve had Brad do it. It doesn’t have to be the quarterback.”

Either Ryan wants to get fired, or he really still believes the Wildcat can still be effective.



  1. says

    The WILDCAT can be effective depending on WHO’S RUNNING the play. Ronnie Brown (Dolphins) ran all over N.England!!
    But last year the offense ran 49 plays and then bring Tebow in for 1 play. DEFENSE ” guesses” QB draw right up the middle. =
    zero gain.
    I hope these lousy Jets finish dead last this year after keeping Tim Tebow on the bench and wasting his season.

    What a bunch of class-less slobs and jerks.
    And Rex “IDIOT” Ryan should have been canned NOT Tebow.
    So Jets fans enjoy watching Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez fumble, fall down, cough up the ball, throw interceptions.
    Lotsa luck, pal.
    Oh yea and regarding Rex’s offensive plan:
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yawn

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