Rex Ryan skips town, Jets violate NFL rules

The New York Jets announced that their season-ending press conference will be held on January 8th.  That’s a big problem since the NFL requires teams to conduct their press conferences within one week of the season being over.  The Jets are in fact in violation of the NFL’s media policy and I’m sure they’ll receive a fine.

Deadspin found out that Jets head coach Rex Ryan is in fact vacationing in the Bahamas right now.

I guess Ryan couldn’t wait to get to away and check out all the feet he can handle while on the beach.

And the circus continues.





  • R. LaPine

    Dude, you are without a doubt the most influenced and biased “writer”, and I really use that term loosely. You don’t report any news, you just regurgitate other notable news sources, copy and paste “real” writers work, and leave the unfortunate reader with your garbage opinion. You would do well to stop pretending to be a reporter and just leave your simple-minded views in the comment section of real articles where they belong. Please, do the literary world a favor and forget the alphabet, that may be a start.