Rex Ryan says Sanchez is the starter no matter how badly the fans want Tebow

By Jeffrey Beall

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan told the New York Daily News if there comes a time in which the fans are calling for Tim Tebow to start, he plans on sticking with Mark Sanchez no matter what.

“I don’t care what I hear,” Ryan told the Daily News on Thursday. “So it doesn’t matter. They can yell, they can do all they want. Mark is our quarterback and that’s just the way it is. Am I excited to have Tim here? Of course. Because I know we brought in an outstanding football player. I knew that from day one and that’s the way it is.”

Rex says he’s the only person that will have the decision to bench Sanchez.

“I hope the fans are always supportive of us. I understand if things aren’t going well that they have every right to voice their displeasure,” Ryan said. “But there is only one guy that ultimately would make a change at quarterback.”

If the Jets struggle towards the middle of the season and a playoff birth is looking bleak, Rex may need to go with Tebow in trying to light a spark under his team.

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