Rex Ryan running with the bulls in Spain (Photo)

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is over in Spain running with the bulls as he gets ready for another NFL season.




I’m sure Rex figured that running from bulls that way thousands of pounds can only help him continue to lose more weight.




  1. Paco Martinez says

    Hey, Rex, baby: I’ve got the SOLUTION to your weight problem!!
    Every time Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez gets sacked
    YOU have to do 100 push ups.
    Every time Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez throws an interception,
    YOU have to do 100 sit-ups.
    Going by last year’s “stellar” performance you should be weighing about 180# by the end of this season.
    Oh, and tell Sackchez to lay off the booze! IT is f___in g up his game.

    Right, Mark:??


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