Darrelle Revis cleared to cut on his knee

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis was once again interviewed by Andrea Kremer of the NFL Network for her medical series called Health of the Game:  Project Revis

One of the things that really stuck out is how confident Revis is in his surgically repaired knee.  It also sounds like he’s been cleared to cut.

“I feel very confident,” Revis told Kremer, per ProFootballTalk.com “If Todd tells me to cut, I am cutting.  I am not trying to think about [it].”

Revis believes he’ll be OK when he gets back on the field

“The first time I step out there, I’ll be fine,” Revis said.

Schiano will take Revis at less than 100 percent if he has to.

“That’s how we’re planning. I mean, we have faith that he’s going to recover,” Schiano said.  “If it isn’t exactly that way right away, then we’ll adapt.  Eighty-five or 90 percent of Darrelle Revis is still better than most 100 percent other corners, right?”