Report: Vikings will look to trade Christian Ponder

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  Matt Cassel has the best chance to be back with the Vikings in 2014.  Josh Freeman likely won’t be back and Christian Ponder will be placed on the trade block.


  1. Ally says

    Sad if true . I think Ponder could be really good with the proper coaching. I think they should keep Cassel as the starter, Ponder as the backup and draft a #3. They put so much time and energy into Ponder, I just don’t think they should be so quick to let him go. Plus, he still has another year on his contract so it wouldn’t cost them a lot to keep him and he’s a decent backup.

  2. Anonymous says

    What are you nuts— 3 years is more then enough time to see if he’s a QB and he’s not.. get rid of fraizer too–can’t coach

  3. Legend says

    “Quick to let him go …?” This guy — and it’s not his fault __ will never be anything more than an average QB. Yet he has received millions of dollars …. we should all suffer such a fate. Shed no tears for any of these professional athletes. Most are little more than primo donnas who have been coddled to their entire lives. And most you can ask for their autographs when you visit your local McDonalds drive through window in a few more years.

  4. Anonymous says

    Ponder should be on the next wagon train outta of here along with leslie fraizer who couldn’t coach his way out of w
    a wet paper bag.

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