Report: Vernon Davis not expected to report to training camp

According to,  49ers tight end Vernon Davis isn’t expected to show up for training camp as he holds out for a new contract.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, at the present time, Davis would not be reporting.  That doesn’t mean he won’t show; with nine days to go, Davis can change his mind and change it back again a few times or more before the time comes to report for duty.

The bad news for Davis and Alex Boone is that the 49ers won’t negotiate until they show up.

The 49ers reportedly won’t negotiate with Boone or Davis until they show up.  If they boycott camp, the team will be able to fine them $30,000 per day and also to pursue a portion of any signing bonus money previously paid.

Bothe Boone and Davis won’t be able to hold out for long since they’ll be fined for each day they skip.

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