Report: Trent Richardson will undergo another knee scope, injury could linger

AP Photo

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson will undergo another knee scope in order to remove a “hang nail particle.”

The bad news is that Dr. Michael Kaplan of ESPN believes Richardson’s injury could linger throughout the season.

Kaplan explained that the reason for the possible knee scope on Richardson’s knee would be “in an effort to debride or trim away a small chrondral flap.  Which means the articular surface has a small area that’s been pushed up.  It’s irritating his knee and it’s swollen.  Now the operation itself is pretty minor.  The problem is rather that the area is a small tramatic arthritis and it may bother some more than just a few weeks.  And my hunch is, it’s going to be three to four weeks minimum until this fully quiets.  And it may even be a problem for him later in the season.  So while it’s a minor operation, I do think it’s going to take more than just a few weeks, which has been reported.”

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