Report: Tom Coughlin will meet with Giants ownership to discuss coaching staff

tom coughlinAccording to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  Giants head coach Tom Coughlin will meet with ownership and general manager Jerry Reese to discuss their coaching staff.

Coughlin’s job is secure, but New York might want to move on from offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride as well as some other coaches.  Rapoport believes Gilbride could end up resigning or retiring.


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    If Gilbride doesn’t retire or resign, then he’s going to have an extremely tough time defending his decision to put his son in as WR coach and moving Sean Ryan from WR coach to QB coach, as that experiment for the past 2 seasons has been by all evidence a miserable failure. WRs have gone public stating they lost their connection to Eli, and Nicks can’t find the end zone in a contract year. The only reason Sean Ryan’s QB coach is to make room for Gilbride Sr. to put Gilbride Jr. in the WR coach job. His nepotism compounded a broken offense, and for that Gilbride must answer, and must fix or there’s no way John Mara will support Coughlin’s pleas to keep Gilbride Sr. on board as OC. I envision Sean Ryan going back to WR coach where he did a good job, and Gilbride Jr. going to quality control, or not being a coach at all. Gilbride Sr. has lost all influence in determining how the Giants organization moves forward into 2014, so he won’t be able to save his son’s job. If he does, then Coughlin’s a fool.

    Regardless of who’s the OC in 2014, JR and Coughlin must demand that the QB coach position is filled by a motivation other than accommodating nepotism. They must demand that a benchmark be established — a standard by which all candidates are to be judged, before determining who the new QB coach will be. Then they must insist that the job be opened up to all applicants, and that they be assured they’ll be judged against the benchmark, not against each other in some quasi best of breed dog show. Who’s an example of the QB coach benchmark? Tom Clements, who tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre, QB coach for the Steelers, and Saints, and 2 time CFL champion QB, and All-American QB out of Notre Dame. There’s your benchmark… your ruler. Stand every candidate up against that benchmark, and don’t settle for the best applicant among the pool of candidates, but instead select the candidate who best approximates the benchmark. If none of the applicants do, then keep looking. Don’t settle. Mr. Mara’s got a big wallet, and the best QB coaches in the world will want to coach Eli Manning back from his worst season as a pro. Look, there’s no time to get this wrong again, and recover in time for Eli to win another Super Bowl. So do it right the first time.

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