Report: Tim Tebow doesn’t plan on changing positions

It was reported last week that the New York Jets would try and trade quarterback Tim Tebow at the NFL Scouting Combine.  The one thing that may keep teams from wanting to acquire him is that the fact that he still wants to be an NFL quarterback.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Tebow still doesn’t want to switch positions.

What I do know is that Tebow doesn’t plan on changing positions from quarterback anytime soon. That, no doubt, limits his options. Looking back at the 2012 season and why theJets got so little production from Tebow, the thought is that former offensive coordinator Tony Sparano simply didn’t trust him. He saw Tebow in practice, realized how little he showed and couldn’t use him in a game. The mindboggling thing is, when you speak with Denver Broncos people who saw Tebow in 2011, it’s apparent that it was that way with him then, too. They knew how bad Tebow was in practice, but as one person told me, “He’s a gamer. That’s it.” Seems even the people who traded Tebow away from Denver believe he could’ve won some games for the Jets, if he’d only been given the chance. The Jets should’ve known to ignore what they were seeing in practice. Oh, and by the way — yes, we’re still talking about Tebow. He came up as a topic all week.

While Tebow had a little success with the Broncos, his throwing mechanics are too flawed for any team to want to bring him in as a quarterback.  Teams also don’t want to the drama that surrounds him and his fan base.  I believe there’s a good chance he won’t even be in the NFL in 2013.