Report: Texans players released for smoking weed

According to Tania Ganguli of,  the Houston Texans released running back Cierre Wood, lineback Willis Jefferson and defensive end Sam Montgomery for smoking pot at their team hotel in Kansas City this past weekend.

Three sources who wished to remain anonymous told that the violation occurred due to marijuana use.

“I don’t understand why they did it,” Texans outside linebacker Brooks Reed said. “They had the opportunity of their lives and they just kind of threw it away. I don’t have too much to say about it. It’s really unfortunate. We lost a lot of depth for that game. They were great players and they had a lot of potential. We’re just going to find more guys that are more dedicated to the cause.”

Jefferson’s agent claims they were only smoking cigars.

“We’re discussing the possibility of filing a grievance,” Cannon said. “I need to be in touch with them and really figure if that’s the best route to take.”

Montgomery claims he walked in on Wood and Jefferson smoking cigars.



  1. Anonymous says

    Cigars? Really. That’s the best they could come up with. How about you be a man and admit you made a mistake and take your punishment. The NFL has a drug treatment program available and you might even keep your job.
    Stupid, entitled athletes who in the past have probably had someone taking care of their mistakes. Big boy time. Grow up.

  2. slyfoxnot says

    I believe the answer should be an easy one, take the drug test to see if your telling the truth or not. Plain and simple.

  3. Anonymous says

    Well, maybe the government is invading the privacy of people and that is why 52% Americans believe that athletes should not be driven to drink. It is bigoted!

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