Report: Tebow wasn’t forced on Jets’ owner

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson claims that he was forced to trade for quarterback Tim Tebow.  It now sounds like he wasn’t telling the truth.

According to the New York Post, even though it was former general manager Mike Tannenbaum’s idea to acquire Tebow, Johnson owns the team and could have easily put his foot down and blocked the move.

A league source with direct knowledge of the trade said though Tannenbaum was the driving force behind the move, there is no way it can be characterized as being “forced” on Johnson.

“He owns the team,” the source said. “All he had to do was say ‘no.’ Nothing is ever forced on Woody.”

The source said it is true Tannenbaum is the member of the Jets organization who came up with the idea of trading for Tebow once the Broncos signed Peyton Manning. The source said once Tannenbaum came up with the idea, several members of the Jets organization tried to talk him out of the trade, saying Tebow was not an accurate passer. But Tannenbaum was not swayed.

“The thing picked up steam quick,” the source said.

Tannenbaum, who has not talked to reporters since being fired Dec. 31, declined to comment.

It doesn’t surprise me that Tannenbaum had the idea to bring in Tebow.  He’s a really bad general manager that will have hard time getting another NFL job.

In the end, Johnson should have kept the trade form happening, but I’m sure he was intrigued by the thought of Tebow playing for his team.