Report: Teams showing some interest in Brian Urlacher

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, a few teams are showing some interest in free agent linebacker Brian Urlacher.

I wonder if any teams are willing to offer Urlacher more than $2 million for one season, since that’s what the Bears offered him.  He’s going to have to decide how important it is for him to play this year.  He may have to accept a deal that will almost pay him nothing compared to what he’s made in the past, if he wants to continue his career.



  1. irish Cowboy says

    What’s the league minimum for a veteran of 13 years?? Is it just a league wide minimum or is it predicated on the number of years you’ve played? I would thuink that if it’s “only” $750,000 or something like that, then it’s STILL better than sitting at home and trying to find a job in the “real” market. Urlacher should just retire now as a Bear and open a sports bar in Chicago called “54”. It would be a tremendous success right away!! But he has to do it now and not after he he plays with someone else for a couple of years.

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