Report: Talks moving slowly between the Giants and Victor Cruz

Accoridng to, the New York Giants and wide receiver Victor Cruz are still working on getting a new contract done, but things are moving slowly.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks between the team and the holdout receiver are occurring, but moving slowly.


There’s a chance that the negotiations will intensify as June 15 approaches.

As we’ve heard before, the NFL is a league where things get done right before deadlines hit and I think something will get worked out before the season.


  1. Elliott says

    If the Giants offered Cruz 8 Mil a year, he should take it. If he proves to be an explosive WR he envisions himself to be, then his ensuing contract will be in the 10-11 Mil range. As it stands now, he is only explosive when there’s an opposite side weapon of equal talent; as in Nicks. Cmon Victor, don’t gamble away your good will.

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