Report: Steelers will lose a draft pick

mike tomlin

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports,  the Pittsburgh Steelers will in fact lose a draft pick after last week’s incident in which head coach Mike Tomlin appeared to attempt to obstruct Jacoby Jones during a kick return.

The NFL plans on finalizing everything in the spring.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will in fact end up losing a late-round draft pick for coach Mike Tomlin’s actions on the sidelines Thanksgiving night, according to league sources. The NFL is not finalizing that decision until the spring, after all compensatory picks are sent.

While I believe the $100,000 fine Tomlin received was enough,  the NFL is clearly sending a message that actions like Tomlin’s will not be tolerated,  whether they were intentional or not.



  1. Dr. says

    Pittsburgh should not be penalized a draft pick for the coaches error. The referees should have awarded a touchdown to Jones, allowable under the rules. Tomlin should be barred from coaching for a couple of games in addition to the fine.

  2. says

    The NFL rule is that the 4 foot white boarder is NOT allowed to be occupied by any Player or Coach at anytime. The NFL does a terrible job of enforcing the rule and SHAME ON THEM FOR THAT! However you have to be a Steeler Fan or very gullible to believe Tomlinson’s LIE. If as he says; It was all a horrible mistake and I’m so very sorry, then WHY is he caught SMILING as he looks at the Jumbotron after seeing the return man caught from behind by his player. Mike Tomlinson is a bad liar and if anyone should know the rule it’s him, as he sits on the rules committee and has for a number of years now. He got caught interfering with the game and he is not man enough to admit he got caught and now he has to pay…literally…and his team may even pay a Draft Pick because he got caught CHEATING and has LIED about the fact he was Cheating! GREAT example of Sportsmanship for all the FANS by a Head Coach who is willing to CHEAT to possibly win the game. In the end winning is everything and the HELL with what it takes to WIN.

  3. Russell says

    I am not a big fan of the Steelers, Mike Tomlin, or his dance moves, but I think they are going way overboard on this. I really don’t think this was on purpose. Forget it and move on. Certainly do not take away a draft choice!

  4. regeug44 says

    If you were honest as u sound you would make adifference but don’t. Becuase a persons smile does’t mean they are guilty,or that they lied. The team didn’t do it the coach did,when New Orleans had their incident part of the team,ccoaches ,general manger were apart of that but the team didn’t get a draft pick taken.It has been said it could be becuase he’s a black head coach.

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