Report: Steelers confident they can sign Mike Wallace before camp

Getty Images

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the Pittsburgh Steelers are optimistic that they’ll be able to sign wide receiver Mike Wallace to a long-term deal before the start of training camp.

“Talking to people within the Steelers organization, they’re still optimistic that something can get done, and get done before training camp,” said Clayton.  “And that’s their history, they’ve always been good about taking care of their top players.  The Troy Polamalu’s, the Ben Roethilsbergers.  Now Mike Wallace is one of their top young players, and so even though nothing is close at the moment, there’s still time before the start of camp.  And people within the Steeler organization are confident they can get something done, that there will be no hold out.  And Wallace will be signed to a long-term deal.”