Report: Some people within Jets’ organization would rather trade Cromartie than Revis

According to, there’s a small portion of the Jets organization that would rather trade cornerback Antonio Cromartie than Darrelle Revis.

Let’s think about this for a second: Cromartie’s trade value never will be higher; he’s coming off arguably his best year. A Cromartie trade would clear $8.2 million in cap room (only $2.5 million in dead money); a Revis trade would actually cost the Jets cap room ($12 million in dead money, as opposed to his current cap charge of $9 million).

The Jets would have to move fairly quickly because Cromartie is due a $2.3 million roster bonus on the third day of the league year (March 15); Revis is due a $1 million roster bonus on the fifth day. It would take some handiwork from new GM John Idzik, because he’d have to sign Revis to a long-term extension before dealing Cromartie. It can’t be the other way because Idzik would be giving more leverage to Revis. Food for thought. Rex Ryan would disagree, but it might be a stretch to have two corners counting $20 million on the cap.

Trading Cromartie would free up more cap room and he is a year older than Revis.  The problem with Revis though is that he’s coming off of ACL surgery, so no one knows how that will affect him going forward.

With cap problems the Jets are faced with, they should get rid of the player that will give them the most freedom.



  • pain

    time to rebuild move Revis, get value back. Next year Ryan

  • Anonymous

    move cromartie if you must, alot of players to re sign