Report: Seahawks drafted Paul Richardson even though some scouts were concerned about his durability

paul richardsonAccording to Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report,  some scouts were concerned about the durability of rookie wide receiver Paul Richardson coming out of Colorado.  The Seahawks clearly were’t since they drafted him in the second round earlier this month.

Some scouts were a little concerned about Paul Richardson’s ability to stay healthy, but the Seahawks did not hesitate to draft him in Round 2. Richardson weighed only 175 pounds at the combine. At rookie camp, he checked in at 182, but he sat out the last two days after an unspecified injury.

Seattle actually studied about smaller receivers have faired in the NFL over a long period of time.

One of the reasons the Seahawks remain unconcerned is they studied the longevity and durability of receivers who weighed 180 pounds or less in previous drafts. And the conclusion was that being slight by NFL standards does not necessarily equate with being injury-prone.

Among the receivers who weighed 180 pounds or less and caught at least 300 career passes were Marvin Harrison, Isaac Bruce, Keenan McCardell, Donald Driver, Terance Mathis, Wayne Chrebet, Tony Martin, Andre Reed, Troy Brown, Shawn Jefferson, Darnay Scott, Peerless Price, Henry Ellard,DeSean Jackson, Webster Slaughter, Ernest Givins, Rocket Ismail and Nate Washington.

Richardson’s size may not be the only problem,  his body might not be able to take the wear and tear.  But, there are always ways to combat injuries by changing up a players conditioning.


  1. SeaHawksRocks says

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