Report: Rob Gronkowski’s broken arm is different from the first one

According to, the broken arm that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered during this past Sunday’s same is different then the one he suffered during the regular season.

Since the injury, speculation has been that Gronkowski was rushed back and that his injured left arm wasn’t ready for contact. The source says the current injury “had nothing to do with whether the arm was ready or not.”

Instead, Gronkowski’s arm broke at the end of the protective plate that was implanted in his arm. Gronkowski sustained the new injury when he went hard to the ground while diving for a pass against the Houston Texans in the first quarter of the Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff game.

There will always be a risk to the area at the end of the plate, the source explained, because of a “collection of stress.” The injury could have occurred “three years from now” in the same spot, said the source.

Gronkowski’s original break, it was noted, has fully healed and was intact when surgery was performed Monday to address the new injury.