Report: Rob Gronkowski’s back injury not related to the one he suffered in 2009

According to, Rob Gronkowski’s current back injury isn’t related the one in 2009 that kept out an entire season at the University of Arizona.

As for the back injury, Gronkowski recently underwent an MRI to check on a disk issue from last season, according to ESPN and media reports. The disk injury is not related to the same one that required a procedure in 2009, according to a source.

I would consider this good news and bad news.  The good news is that the procedure from 2009 seems to be holding up.  The bad news is that the back is a very fragile part of our body and surgery in that area is never minor, no matter what anyone says.  Another back surgery could also be a sign that Gronk is prone to back problems, which can’t be good for his NFL career.

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