Report: Rob Gronkowski may need back surgery now

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today Sports, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is having back problems and may need to undergo surgery.

The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the Patriots’ policy of not publicly detailing injuries, said the issue is with a different disc than the one that needed to be shaved down in via surgery 2009 and that a final decision on whether surgery will be required has not yet been made. The person said Gronkowski will see noted spine specialist Robert Watkins in the near future, after next week’s surgery to install a new plate into his forearm.


The person said the hope is, if surgery on his back is required, Gronkowski will be back within the same time frame as his recovery from the arm injury, which he initially suffered in November but has been prolonged because of an infection in the limb.

This is really sad.  While it looks like Gronk’s forearm will finally be OK, he might need to go under the knife to repair his back.  As talented as he is, he can’t seem to avoid injuries.

I wonder if the Patriots regret paying him the hefty extension they gave him last year.  Hopefully he’ll get healthy and be able to stay on the field.


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