Report: RG3 bragged to teammates about how much influence he has over the Redskins


robert griffin III 3According to Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post,  the Redskins next head coach won’t only have to deal with owner Dan Snyder but quarterback Robert Griffin III who’s been empowered by Snyder himself.

RG3 has such power over Snyder that he would brag to his teammates about how much control he has over the franchise.

Once, Griffin was an immensely likable, unpretentious kid who was wide open to collaboration. But according to insiders, Griffin’s public campaign to have the offense altered for him was just the tip of his egotism in his second year. Behind closed doors, Griffin had fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers, and he bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner and influence the franchise’s direction.

And the circus goes on.



  1. Danny K says

    This guy RGIII has done NOTHING and for him to think he has power over MR. SNYDER he better think again because MR. Cousins looked better then he did this year Just maybe he should close his mouth and just play football Because I seen how his front line and receivers did not like his A– this year because he thought he was better then he was Just maybe he should look at how GREAT QB do their job like MR. BRADY, MR. MANNING, MR BREES and MR. WILSON and maybe he will have a team that will follow him but until then I can see him getting the hell beat out of him I have been a REDSKINS fan for over forty years and this is the most un-liked QB we have had and it is all his fault

  2. Slamdaddy3 says

    I say Keep Cousins and trade RGIII Pick up some draft picks to improve the terrible defense. unfortunately
    for RGIII, I believe sooner than later he will experience another injury. Maybe career ending. If RGIII can’t run with the ball, then he’s not RGII. Exactly what we saw this year. Yes there have been successful quarterbacks that run with the ball, but in the NFL today its doesn’t last for long. The drop back quarterback like a Tom Brady has a longer life as quarterback in professional football. it’s easy to be a runner in college. you may face a team that has one or two great defensive players, but in the pros all those one or two good players are on the same team. So now you got 11 guys chasing you trying to break your legs………….all I am saying is keeping RGII is like Russian roulette………..If all the things that are printed are true about the relationship with Dan Snyder and RGIII then we will have a difficult time bringing a super bowl win back to DC…………….Bring back Riggins and the Hogs…………No attitudes back then…..just good football

  3. Anonymous says

    Cousins stinks the guy throws a INT every ten passes, and a Almost INT every three. Did you really watch this guy play if he was so good why isn’t there trade talks on how high they can get a pick for him anymore. RG3 doesn’t carry himself like that. If you were smart this is a writer attempting to get there name out there. Then you believe it. Everyone finger points if Your a QB and you tell your WR to be some where and you point and then your WR points saying I thought i was supposed be here. How much of that is ego. To me that’s correcting a problem. If you notice Griffin hasn’t said anything to the media. Why is cousin Running his mouth the season is over he is hating serious and your blind to see that.

  4. slamdaddy3 says

    Right on Danny…………………. Sonny Jurgensen and Billy Kilmer never acted like this,,,,but then it’s a different world now……………where a player is just doing their job and knocks down a pass. They dance and jump around like they won the super bowl………………… boats and over paid players………………The real disappointment is us “The Fan” that pays at the ticket booth.

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