Report: Redskins thrilled with Robert Griffin III’s work out

According to ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, the Washington Redskins were thrilled after watching former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III work out at his pro day on Wednesday.

McShay indicated that Griffin III’s footwork looked refined and his delivery looked much better with his elbow staying up high.  He also liked his quickness and the combination of touch and zip he put on the ball when making his throws.

All signs continue to point to the Redskins drafting Griffin III and right it looks like they’re going to get one spectacular player.

  • James Clarke

    RG III is only 6’2″ which means a lot of his passes will be tipped or knocked down. He is loaded with talent but will he be able to use it with an average offensive line like the Redskins have? The Sham a hams have just about ruined the Skins. 3 number one picks plus a number 2 Whew. The future is three years down the road. Great offensive lines create Good running backs and Good Quaterbacks. The Skins should have drafted Tannehill and offensive linemen this year or offensive linemen this year and a Quarterback next year. They would still have a, #1 picks in 2013.

    • Jed Wing

      This kid is the real deal according to Steve Young and Ronnie Lott. And as for those draft picks, whose to say they would yield what they need the most, a dynamic QB. It’s worth the risk.

      Also, the Sham a hams (love this name, James) have made the team better. They were a shambles. I don’t really like the guy but the ‘Skins have to stick to some kinda plan.

      As for the rest of what you say in your comments – wrong.

    • Fred Kruger

      So… by following your logic Since Drew Brees is only 6’0″, he should have a lot MORE tipped balls than RGIII, right?

      People like you shouldn’t post on the internet. Not until you are older than 10.


    • todd

      2 number ones and one swaped number 1

      • todd

        we lose 1 pick a tear the next 3 years for this guy its well worth it im tired of the half ass mediocre qb’s we have had the last 10 to 15 years.


    Agree entirely with Fred. Great sweater by the way!

  • http://facebook Roym

    Yep,so what.ol joey wasnt that tall either.