Report: Ravens will open the season on the road against the Broncos

The complete regular season NFL schedule is will be released later today.  We’ve now found out who the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will play to open their season up.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Ravens will open up the season on the road against the Broncos.


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    THERE IS A FOOTBALL GOD AND HE’S A DENVER BRONCOS’ FAN – LOL…… what a way to start off the season…. this is a no lose position for Denver. If Denver was to lose, so what, it’s the Champs…. BUT…. If Denver was to win and I predict Denver not only is gonna win, they are gonna run up the score and they just might shut the Ravens out…. and if that happens…. The Ravens will be feeling what we all feel, they should not have been the Champs…. DENVER IS GONNA PROVE IT ON OPENING DAY, right off the bat – LOL – Thank you Baltimore Orioles for refusing to give up the day the Ravens wanted at home – sounds like you kicked the Ravens out of the House to go to Denver to get trashed – what any bad Wife would do when they’re thinking of a divorce – lol

    Prediction? Denver 54 Ravens 0

    Flaco, you’re so elite, keep thinking those hailmarrys are the way to win = lol, cause when the score gets piled on that play is all you’re gonna have – lol…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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