Report: Ravens unsure which tender to place on Joe Flacco

According to the Baltimore Sun, with a March 4th deadline looming to get quarterback Joe Flacco under contract before he hits the open free agent market, the Ravens are trying to decide whether they’re going to place the non-exclusive franchise tender or the exclusive tender on him.

The non-exclusive franchise tender would pay Flacco $14.6 million  and the exclusive tag would pay him $20 million for the 2013 season.

If the Ravens have to place a tender on Flacco it will make it difficult for them to sign their own free agents since it would put a big dent in their cap space.

Also if the Ravens use the non-exclusive tag, any other NFL team will be able to sign Flacco to a offer sheet if they’re willing to give up two first round picks.  Of course the Ravens would have the chance to match the offer, but it could make things even more challenging for them.



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