Report: Ravens, Joe Flacco “shelve” contract talks

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco have now put their contract talks on hold until the offseason.

Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco and the Ravens were close to finalizing a long-term contract extension the first week of August before talks were tabled, according to league sources.

But they were not just tabled; they essentially were shelved. There have been zero contract discussions in the six or so weeks since the two sides nearly finalized their deal, according to sources.

Neither side is concerned. Part of Flacco’s greatest leverage is his indifference about procuring a long-term deal; he is far more focused on playing to the level he did during Baltimore’s season-opening win over Cincinnati.

The best thing for Flacco would be to wait until after the season to get a new deal done.  The better he plays this season, the more leverage he’ll have to ask for a big time deal.