Report: Rams were only joking about Brett Favre playing for them

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network via,  the St. Louis Rams were only joking when they inquired about Brett Favre’s availability.

Citing a team source and a source informed of the “talks,” NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Thursday’s “Around the League Live” that St. Louis only asked about Favre’s interest as a one-line wisecrack.

“It’s not like the Rams sent Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn down to Hattiesburg to try to lure Brett Favre off his tractor,” Rapoport said. “As he told us on Sunday, he realized that after about 20 years in the NFL he doesn’t like getting hit.”

The Rams called Favre’s agent to inquire about another one of his clients.

A Rams official initially inquired about recently signed developmental quarterback Austin Davis, who just happens to share the same agent with Favre. While he had Bus Cook on the phone, the official offhandedly quipped, “Hey, what about Favre?”

“It was just a joke,” a Rams source told Rapoport. “It was just a throwaway line. Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor?'”

And if Cook had told the Rams Favre was available,  I’m sure they would have signed him.  I’m not buying it.



  1. says

    Very funny! :-) & as for the Niners – they feel they are home free now with their easy schedule lately, but things will heat up again for them! They have much work to do yet! Go Hawks!!!

  2. Tim says

    Of course it was a joke, but if Farve actually accepted would anybody turn him down? It’s not like he came out of retirement and sucked the first time he did make it to the post season. I don’t like the Vikings, but that game was rigging from the get-go in the Saints favor. One roughing the passer call? Farve was beat down that game. And a lot of the times he had already gotten rid of the ball.

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