Report: Rams called Brett Favre

brett favre

According to,  the St. Louis Rams called future hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre when Sam Bradford went down with a season ending knee injury this past Sunday.

The Rams simply asked the 44 year-old Favre if he would be willing to leave his Mississippi farm to make one last NFL comeback.

In the end,  Favre’s agent Bus Cook told the Rams that his client is retired.

One source familiar with the Rams conversations said that, if Favre took them up on their interest, “it could break Twitter.”

Yet the man who famously wavered over whether to play too many times to count didn’t waver this time. Through his agent Bus Cook, Favre told the Rams that he was retired — actually, really, officially.



  • Anonymous

    I am so dissapointed to hear that the Rams would stoop so low and sacrafice their pride to ask this sex feind to play for them. Will no longer watch or support my team. I’m so embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!