Report: Questions still linger regarding Peyton Manning’s physical limitations

peyton manning

According to Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post, there still some questions about Peyton Manning’s physical limitations going into the upcoming season.

Talk to most anyone in and around the Broncos and the word most associated with Manning is “comfort,” as in an increased comfort level with the team’s offense, personnel and his surroundings. There are some small questions about his physical limitations, in terms of the grip in his right hand and the strength in his right triceps in the wake of the Broncos’ stunning playoff loss to the Ravens at frigid Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Despite a great season in 2012, Manning did seem to tail off during the Broncos playoff loss to the Ravens.


  1. Cliff says

    I wouldn’t believe one thing that Jeff Legwold says. If Payton Manning is not up to par, he and he only knows. Jeff is a speculator, period!

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