Report: Peterson’s son not expected to survive

According to CityPages,  Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son is not expected to survive his injuries after being severely beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

There was some initial confusion as to whether this child was Peterson’s because it was a secret and Adrian actually doesn’t know for sure if the boy is his.  Just to be clear this child isn’t Adrian Jr., who we’ve seen photos of Adrian with from time to time.

Peterson got together with the boys mother a few years ago in Minnesota and then she moved to South Dakota and found out she was pregnant.

A woman in Sioux Falls who is close to the mother involved in the tragic story about Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son says the fact AP had a child living in Sioux Falls was “a secret.”

She said the mother of the child had a casual relationship with AP when she lived in the Twin Cities (she’s since moved to South Dakota). She became pregnant, but wasn’t sure about the identify of the father “until just recently.” A paternity test revealed that the dad was indeed Adrian Peterson. Our source says Peterson isn’t identified as the father on the birth certificate of the child, who goes by his mother’s last name.

Before the paternity test, the mother knew the father “could’ve been one of two guys,” she said.

Our source says Adrian was aware he was the father of the child before this week’s tragic incident. Previous reports have indicated Adrian only has two children, Adrian Jr. and a daughter named Adeja.

“Why would he be in Sioux Falls, missing practice, if it wasn’t his kid?” she said.