Report: Peterson was drunk, pushed off-duty officer

Getty Images

According to, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was very drunk according to the night club where he was arrested early Saturday morning.

The manager at Live at Bayou Place, Daniel Maher, told TMZ that Peterson comes to his club often, but never gets drunk the way he did last night.

Maher indicated that Peterson was “throwing his ego around and making people mad,” which forced them to move him to the VIP area.  When the club was closing Peterson tried to order one last drink and “tried to intimidate the bartender” to get what he wanted.

Maher said he decided to intervene, but Peterson continued to be “unreasonable.”  Then an off-duty police officer came into the picture, which prompted Peterson to shove him.

During the altercation with the officer, Peterson made a fighting stance “like he meant business.” Maher said. “He looked really scary and I thought he was gonna attack the cops.”

Once the police got the situation under control, Peterson apologized for his actions and said that he never usually acts like this.

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