Report: Percy Harvin’s hip will only continue to be an issue

While it’s very unlikely Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin will play in tonight’s game against the Saints,  it sounds like his hip will only continue to be a nagging issue for at least the remainder of the season.

Seattle Seahawks receiver/returner/do-it-all guy Percy Harvin has yet to be officially ruled out for Monday’s game vs. the New Orleans Saints, but it’s extremely likely he sits down. Per a source, Harvin went to see doctors this weekend and had a cortisone injection into his surgically repaired hip. This is the second time the hip flared up since Harvin has returned to action. The first time was while he was practicing in October in advance of being added to the active roster. When that flareup occurred, Harvin had to have his hip drained.

Harvin’s toughness was questioned while he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings and he doesn’t want that label slapped on him to start his tenure with the Seahawks, so he’s taking the injections and undergoing the procedures to play through the issues that are nagging him – problems that are arising because he might have come back too soon. The problem is it doesn’t seem like Harvin will be able to play a few weeks in a row without any issues, yet Monday’s game and Sunday’s matchup with the San Francisco 49ers are the biggest ones left on Seattle’s schedule. Stay tuned because Harvin’s situation definitely bears watching as the postseason approaches.

With Seattle already knowing they’re going to be in the playoffs,  they may as well have Harvin sit out the next few weeks in order to be as fresh as he can for the playoffs.



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