Report: Percy Harvin upset with his role, not his contract

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin is unhappy with their passing game and not his contract.

The issues between receiver Percy Harvin and the Vikings have been widely mischaracterized, according to a source close to the team. Harvin’s frustration is based around the scope of the passing game and not his contract. Harvin’s complaints have been about football and not money.

While the Vikings have explored contract options for him — as is the norm for any top young player entering the final year of his deal — Harvin’s trade requests have been based on the limitations of Minnesota’s passing game and not his contract, according to the source, who has knowledge of the Vikings’ thinking. Harvin has not complained about his deal to the team and has never threatened to hold out based on his contract. Several reports have misrepresented the nature of Harvin’s concerns and what he has conveyed to the team.

Harvin was upset with the Vikings’ offense last offseason.  Then things supposedly were worked out.  I guess things never really changed.

If Harvin is really unhappy in Minnesota, he would be smart to play out the final year of his current deal and leave in free agency.



  • Anonymous

    IF it is about his role, and I really doubt it, what is he complaining about? Not touching the ball enough? He had a ton of touches until getting hurt. Too many touches? No. Really it usually turns out to be about $ in todays game. Lets see how this plays out.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Musgrave has got to go. Without Peterson the whole staff would be gone. Harvin should be pissed the guy can’t call a game. Um lets hand the ball to Peterson.Spread the offense out and throw the ball more than ten yards. The recievers had no urgency because they knew the ball wasn’t coming. Just a bunch of blocking wideouts. Pay the guy and throw the ball down the field. Go Percy!