Report: People around the NFL believe DeSean Jackson’s time in Washington won’t end well

desean jacksonMike Freeman of Bleacher Report mentioned today that many people around the NFL believe the DeSean Jackson signing will end up imploding down in Washington with the Redskins.

“The word around the league…people really think that this situation is going to completely blow up,” said Freeman. “It’s hard not to agree with that.  It’s hard not to think that may not happen because he has blown teams up.  He blew up the Eagles a little bit.  So that’s the possibility.  So teams think when he gets to Washington…they might be short term progress and short term explosiveness.  But they think DeSean Jackson is not a team guy.  And that’s a locker room that needs some help.  Not a whole not of veteran leadership.  So it’s right that league observers think for a complete implosion.  I hope they’re not right.  I hope they’re  wrong.  I hope that things work out.”

It certainly seems like Jackson still doesn’t get it.

I understand Jackson didn’t want to cancel his pre-planned vacation, but if you want to do what’s best for your team and not yourself,  you’ll reschedule the vacation.  And he didm’t.



  1. Sheldon Smith says

    people just want drama because they know that his release from the Eagles wasn’t justified. So their looking for a way to say I told you so, told you Jackson is a thug. Man leave Jackson alone and let him do his thing, because you guy’s personally don’t know him, and by you guys I mean the media because their the one’s saying stuff not the players.

  2. 1bad6t5 says

    Another dumb ass article with no substance just pure conjecture. Jackson set up his vacation while still an Eagle and their team meetings were not scheduled until a week after the Redskins. By the way it’s basically a weight lifting, running thing. Can’t run plays or anything, so to the writer of this BS GFY.

  3. 1bad6t5 says

    If you think my post below is bogus pertaining to this author just take a look at the spelling in the article…Too funny man…spell check is a wonderful thing, try it…

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