Report: Patriots grant Browns permission to interview Josh McDaniels

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network,  the Patriots have granted permission to the Browns to interview Josh McDaniels for their head coaching job.



  1. says

    GO JOSH ! after you get settled in; get Tim Tebow again;
    get another QB and a running back or two.
    Tebow can take the ball from shotgun and if there’s an opening he can run, he can shovel pass to another back (incomplete pass if dropped) and AND your “passing QB” will be out on the left (decoy) like a wild cat run. Tebow can lateral the pass to the passing QB who can throw the ball DOWN THE FIELD. YOU KNOW Tebow knows HOW to win. Sometimes ground and pound it ain’t pretty. But winning is.’
    Tebow can also fill the position YOU put Aaron Hernandez in “U” back, tight end, wide out, that’ll scare the heck out of the defense, eh?
    Go man GO. What you waiting for?
    Or pickup that Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay qb and pay HIM $3,000,000 to play ONE game and sit on the bench. Heck, it might as well be Tebow getting that $3,000,000. (That is $3 million to you idiots and misfits who live in Hesperia, CA) Have fun driving home drunk tonight, clowns.
    Love Tim Tebow, love Josh McDaniels.

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