Report: Patriots aren’t trying to trade Ryan Mallett

On Monday it was reported that the New England Patriots were trying to trade quarterback Ryan Mallett.  

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the Patriots aren’t currently  shopping Mallett.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t listening to offers, if any are even being received, or preparing to explore a trade avenue as they get closer to the start of free agency or even the draft. But for now, all is quiet.

Why trade Mallett? His contract expires after 2014 and won’t be the team’s quarterback of the future unless Tom Brady and the Patriots run into some unforeseen circumstances. Plus, it’s considered a very weak class of free agents and draft prospects, and Mallett might stack up with any of them. Finally, the Patriots only have five draft picks, so they’d surely like to add to that total.

Here’s one snag, though. Under the new CBA, all players drafted in 2011 or later cannot restructure their contract until they complete their third season. Therefore, any team that acquires Mallett can’t sign him to an extension until next year. That could take away from some of his value.

I think the Patriots are going to showcase Mallett more in the upcoming preseason of they’re going to trade him.  His trade value is too low right now anyway.