Report: Packers are closer to signing Steven Jackson, Greg Jennings

According to, the Green Bay Packers are getting closer to signing free agent running back Steven Jackson and wide receiver Greg Jennings.

A source told the Press-Gazette that Jackson and the Packers were discussing a three-year contract on Wednesday.

The contract that both Wes Welker and Danny Amendola signed today didn’t help Jennings in his hunt for a big contract.

The Packers also appear to be strongly in the running to re-sign Jennings, whose market has been extremely soft through two days of free agency. Sources said the Packers and Minnesota Vikings have been the main players for Jennings so far, though new contenders could be working below the radar or emerge at any time. Regardless, the $6-million-a-year contracts free agent receivers Wes Welker and Danny Amendola signed Wednesday did nothing to enhance Jennings’ value and might have improved his chances of returning to the Packers.

I strongly believe both players will sign with the Packers very soon. Jackson reportedly wants to play with Aaron Rodgers and I think Jennings is starting to realize he’s not going to get the meg-deal he wants.



  • twelsh36446

    Jennings just signed Chicago, and Jackson is going to the Broncos

  • Anonymous

    Stop drinking so early

  • Anonymous

    Jackson to Atlanta. Jennings in Minnesota tonight where they are wetting themselves over him. Nice “insider” info!

  • Anonymous

    Do you wish to try for strike three?