Report: Nick Saban telling NFL teams he’s staying at Alabama

According to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, NFL teams have been reaching out to Alabama head coach Nick Saban to find out if he’s interested in making a return to the NFL.  He’s made it clear that he wants to stay at Alabama.

NFL teams that have been inquiring about Alabama coach Nick Saban in recent days and weeks have been told in no uncertain terms: thanks, but no thanks.

At least so far. Some franchises with vacancies have sent feelers towards Saban and the Alabama coach regarding his seriousness about returning to the NFL. He has told these inquirers that he isn’t coming back.

Even if Saban isn’t ready to head back to the NFL right now,  I believe within the next few years he might itching to give the pros another try.



  1. Cleveland Sports 360 says

    Just remember how many time Urban Meyer said he wasn’t interested in going to Ohio State and he was staying at ESPN too… You can’t believe what these guys say till it is over and done with….

  2. brenda says

    what about the time he said he was not leaving LSU to go pro..yeah okay…and he left Miami sneaking off into the nite too….we’ll see..he may just be saying this too before the bowl game like he did LSU…and then left before the bowl was even finished

  3. Anonymous says

    and another thing is I don’t think his ego is going to let him leave that “failure” in the NFL on his record…Cleveland would be a good fit and he needs to go!!!!!!

  4. John K says

    LSwho and Miami, are NOT Alabama…. he will stay here and be the Most Decorated College Football Coach of All Time (Even surpassing “The Bear”)

  5. PaulM says

    Saban was not a failure in the NFL. I can see why you use the name “anonymous”. Just another Saban hater. Saban took a 1-15 team and turned them into a competitive team with a 500 record. CF is a business for coaches. It’s called upward mobility. No different than executives in a business leaving to pursue another position. Get yourself an education and help society.

  6. brenda says

    excuse me…I have an education..He was a failure in the NFL..he could not turn them around in two years as he promises …he could not control the players as he does in college..he could not treat them like he does the college players and have the autonomy he has…he did not like that….spin it any way you want..he did was not “GOD” like everyone in Alabama thinks he is…Saban hater..yep…did not even like him at LSU…or anywher for that matter…his ego, his style, the way he carries himself on the sidelines..screams in people’s faces…don’t like it or him…and he has nothing else to prove in college..he would rather build a team than sustain one as he has said many times…he will get bored with Bama because he has done what he wanted to do and may not be this year..but he will move on and that upward mobility will be the NFL….the money will talk to him and the chance to “reclaim” and “redeem” himself in the NFL will be too much of a draw….

  7. Mick says

    Nick Saban is a very good coach. I would love to see him go back to the Cleveland browns. I am a Bears fan, but Cleveland needs him. The youngest team in the NFL-great canvas to start a winning tradition in yet another organization. When Nick was with the Cleveland browns, Bill Belichick built quite a powerhouse staff that woudl eventually steer football on the pro and college levels. This is a fact. Coach Nick Saban WINS. I live in Toledo and know what he did, but as another person stated correctly, Coaching is a hre today, gone tomorrow life in the big leagues. Coach Saban does not lack a soul-he has ambition. I think Cleveland NOW is the only real option for a successful college coach like Saban. Win this championship, then go to Cleveland for the big bucks and win there.

  8. Anonymous says

    Sorry Brenda, you may be educated but are letting your hatred of Saban cloud your intellect. Nick repeatedly tried to tell media members that he would not address rumors and that he was trying to get his team ready to play until he, as would anyone else, had his fill of it, and responded to get them to shut up. He has said repeatedly that he feels badly for the way he left Miami. Funny how the administration at LSU and the ownership of the Dolphins have no issues with him. Don Shula did because his son (who was in over his head badly as HC) was fired and Saban left the almighty dolphins to replace his son. If Mike Shula was such a great coach he would have landed another gig by now. Nick Saban doesn’t get the love from the media because he doesn’t suffer fools or distractions easily.

  9. Anonymous says

    It is so obvious that Saban was a failure in the NFL. I mean after all his 9-7 and 6-10 records as coach there are far outshadowed by the 12 Super Bowls and record 43 league MVP trophies the Dolphins have won since he left. He obviously was such a terrible coach that he pales in comparison to the legendary Tony Sporano (who was fired from an OC position). So glad that he took that record of failure back to the college ranks. 75% of these rumors of Saban are generated by people who either want to see him fail or want him out of the college ranks because he is stomping a mudhole in everyones butt right now.

  10. Anonymous says

    Mick, great comment and observation. But Nick makes big bucks where he is and Alabama can afford to pay him more. He has complete autonomy and control where he is at. The deciding factor for Nick is that his wife loves it in Tuscaloosa.

  11. Anonymous says

    He can say all he wants that his wife is the deciding factor and I call bull….he had all that and more in Baton Rouge and LSU would have paid big bucks too..anything he wanted…he OWNED Baton Rouge…he wanted to prove something in the NFL and he has not done that…he will again want to prove something in the NFL and my hatred as you put it of Saban is not clouding my judgement….I don’t “hate” anybody..I DISLIKE the man..I dislike his carriage, the way he treats people on the sidelines and has a meltdown every game and the way the little boy whines when he loses….I really don’t care if Bama beats LSU every year..I just don’t like Saban and his ego, attitude and all that goes with it….Yes, he wins and that is what is most important apparently to Bama…and even if he was still at LSU or anywhere else in the collegiate arena I would still think he will go back to the NFL…will he go down as the “best” in college….probably…so he will want to prove more than that…and Cleveland is a great place for him to go..I don’t just THINK he failed in the NFL…he thinks he did…and the way he left both LSU and Miami he does need to apologize for…he repeatedly said he was not leaving LSu and he sneaked off in the middle of a bowl game truthfully…such integrity!…I don’t care what anyone says about coaching style..I will take Miles character over Saban any day…we are not still upset that he left…talk to most anybody in Baton Rouge and they will say they would NEVER want him back..sorry but true…spin this any way you want.

  12. Anonymous says

    and just one more thing…he repeatedly said to the media he was trying to get his team ready to play a bowl game when at LSU and he was not leaving…gee…guess what happened..and if Nick decides he wants to go his wife is not going to stop that or change that…she will follow….I say these things not because I WANT him to fail or want him to leave the college scene…he is not going to fail and no matter where he went in the college arena we would all have to play against him…I say this because no one at Bama wants to admit that he could ever leave them…I say bull…he will leave, maybe not this year but he will leave you guys high and dry one day and come back here and we can discuss it then….he has made his mark at Bama..there is nothing left for him to achieve really or prove…how many times has he said “I would rather build a team than sustain one”…..he will want to “prove” himself at the next level and that is the NFL….he did not coach a team in the NFL to a championship and really that is all that is left for him to achieve….see ya when he leaves…….lol

  13. Anonymous says

    you the dumb *** if you think what I say is not true…write it down on your calendar..I said it on 1/3/13….he will be in the NFL one day..maybe not this year…but next year…all the Bama fans are dumb ***** if they think he will NEVER leave them because it is sooooo good…he has had it good everywhere…that is not what drives him!

  14. Kevin says

    You don’t sound educated. For one thing, the logic you use to bash Saban is contradictory to the reason you say he will leave Alabama and go back to the NFL. You stated that CNS couldn’t control the pro players and that he didn’t have the autonomy he has now. Yet, you say that he will go back to the NFL and leave Alabama. Do you think that he will, all of a sudden, be able to control the pro players when he goes back? Your logic in a nutshell: As Miami Coach…he left NFL BECAUSE he had no control. As Alabama Coach…he will leave FOR the NFL, the same place where he had no control.

    As for the other reason you stated he would leave Bama, I don’t believe that money is any motivating factor for him. He makes a boatload of money now at Bama and that would be increased if needed to keep him. Fact: He already gives away lots of his money to charitable organizations. Another fact: his wife is very happy and comfortable at UA. She has publicly stated that the Sabans are not leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.

  15. Anonymous says

    ya’ll are all dumbass’s i hate saban he,s a dumbass too and cant coach his way outta a wet paper bag

  16. Anonymous says

    if he really wanted to prove how great a coach he is,he should coach a team from the WAC conference and see how well he does. great coach my a$$

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