Report: NFLPA plans to “aggresively” go after Jay-Z situation

We reported over the weekend that the NFL Players association plans on investigating whether Jay-Z violated any rules when signing Jets quarterback Geno Smith to Roc Nation Sports.

According to, the NFLPA plans to aggressively investigate Jay-Z, in order to find out if he violated any rules.

Amid speculation that the NFLPA will find a way to look the other way when it comes to Jay-Z’s involvement in representing players, multiple sources with knowledge of the union’s thinking tell PFT that the Players Association intends to proceed aggressively against any potential violations of the so-called “runner” rule committed by Jay-Z, Roc Nation, and/or NFLPA-certified agent Kim Miale.


The situation is being taken “really seriously,” one source said.  Another source explained that the union has no choice but to act in response to flagrant flaunting of the rules behind a clumsily-veiled curtain that includes people like Geno Smith advisor John Thornton giving an on-the-record quote and then insisting he was misquoted, and Smith posting on social media a photo of himself with Jay-Z.


“De Smith doesn’t want to be made a fool of,” said one source, referring to the NFLPA’s executive director.  More importantly, the union believes there must be respect for the system and the rules.  Without action, the NFLPA believes that it will lose credibility.

It looks like all of the pressure the players association us getting from other agents is forcing them to make a move and not let things blow over.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out.