Report: No new developments between the Giants and Andre Brown

According to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger,  there aren’t any new developments between the Giants and running back Andre Brown as free agency approaches.

While Brown has been a good back for the Giants,  he’s had a hard time holding onto the football at times.


  • keith

    He is a great RB but he has never been able to play an entire season. You can’t pay him unless theres a way to protect the team. I want to see him come back but I know the odds him lasting 16+ games are very slim. Then add in David Wilson with his up & down play and neck surgery your top 2 RB’s are huge question marks. The Giants need to bring somebody in Free Agency or the Draft if they keep Brown possibly both since NY can trim down to 2 QB’s this year from 3 and add a RB.