Report: Mike Williams’ agent “optimistic” about contract extension

Tampa Bay Buccaneer WR Mike Williams is set to become a free agent in a after the 2013 season. His agent, Hadley Engelhard, reportedly believes it will never reach that point. According to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times, Williams’ agent feels very optimistic after meeting with the team in Indinapolis.

“I met with Mark and it was a very productive meeting,” Engelhard said. “We are progressing toward a new contract for Mike, but they’ve asked us to be patient to let them get through free agency and the draft. We’ve agreed to be a little less aggressive and give them some time. The target date right now would be some time in May.”

The financial aspects of the conversation don’t appear to have advanced too far, but Engelhard expressed significant willingness from both sides to reach a deal.

Tampa Bay would be wise to keep Williams around. Having Williams lined up on one side makes Vincent Jackson even more of a threat lined up on the other side.

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