Report: Mike Pouncey could face charges related to Aaron Hernandez reported on Sunday that Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was subpoened to testify in front of a grand jury in the Aaron Hernandez trial in relation to Odin Lloyd’s murder.

Greg Bedard of SI was on WQAM’s The Joe Rose Show and stated that Pouncey could face criminal charges.

“Overall, I would say this is a serious situation for Mike Pouncey,” Bedard said via  “This is not a situation where they just think he might have evidence towards the charges against Aaron Hernandez.  If he goes in there [to testify before the grand jury] thinking that’s what it’s about, he will be underprepared.  He should be prepared that the authorities are looking at him in regards to some charges.”

It’s not clear what the charges would or could be, but Bedard at one point made reference to the issue of finances.  Bedard also said that Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey (Mike’s twin) could be summoned to testify at some point, too.

With one murder case pending against Hernandez and a double-murder case possible, authorities reportedly are exploring whether Hernadnez was engaged in the illegal trafficking of weapons.  That detour from the murder charges has the feel of an effort to ensure that there will be a way to put an actual or perceived “bad guy” away, in the event the murder charge(s) don’t stick.





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    HELL: Why don’t they just subpoena the entire Gator’s football team?? You know, both Pouncey brothers, Tim Tebow, Hernandez (the accused), Percy Harvin, Chris Hanes, Riley Cooper, Brandon Spikes –you know the entire championship football team–they ALL did it! (LOL)

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