Report: Maurice Jones-Drew likely won’t be suspended

Earlier today we had a report that Maurice Jones-Drew would not be charged for assault after an incident earlier this month. Along with not having to worry about jail time it also looks like Jones-Drew won’t be hearing from the league office about any suspensions.

According to Ian Rapoport of Jones-Drew’s clean history will help him out as well.

Rapoport also asked Jones-Drew’s lawyer if they would pursue any legal actions against his accuser to which the lawyer said “almost definitely not” and that his client will just “move on”.

It’s smart for Jones-Drew to just put all this behind this. He’s coming off an injury-plagued season which started with a hold out. The expectation at this point is that he will be ready to go by week 1. Hopefully Jones-Drew can stay healthy this year and prove he will be worth a new contract.


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