Report: Matt Barkley still regarded as the top QB by some NFL scouts

According to Damond Talbot of NFL Draft Zone, even though it seems like Matt Barkley’s stock has dramatically dropped since last season.  Some NFL scouts still believe he’s the top quarterback in this year’s draft.

I asked the one scout from the AFC what he thought separated Barkley from the other quarterbacks, he said consistency.  He said Barkley has never thrown less that 15 touchdowns, has started all four years, and is a proven winner.  He said if Barkley came out last year he would have been drafted before RG3 in his opinion.  He said Barkley can make all the NFL throws, and has great zip on the ball.  I asked the same scout to finish out his top 3 quarterbacks after Barkley and he said Tyler Wilson and Geno Smith.

The NFC scout that told me he thought Barkley was the best said that Barkley by far throws the best ball, and he is a very solid player.  He said he didn’t believe Barkley would fall out of the top 20.  I was not shocked by this but he said one quarterback that has drastically improved since his last game was E.J. Manuel.  He said E.J. could have easily solidified himself in a second round pick. The scout said he is very athletic and would be surprised if he doesn’t keep impressing at the Combine.

After a rough senior season at USC, it’s going to be very interesting to see where Barkley lands.