Report: Mark Sanchez won’t be traded to the Buccaneers reported earlier tonight that the Jets are trying to trade quarterback Mark Sanchez to the Buccaneers along with Darrell Revis.

According to Newsday, the Jets won’t be trading Sanchez to the Bucs.

The Jets may be eager to unload Mark Sanchez’s hefty contract, but the struggling quarterback won’t be dealt along with Darrelle Revis, two sources told Newsday Friday. reported that trade talks between the Jets andTampa Bay — the sole suitor for the recuperating Revis — “have included the possibility of the Buccaneers assuming the contract” of the beleaguered quarterback. But a person familiar with Sanchez’s situation, referring to the report, said “there’s nothing to it,” adding that Sanchez is expected to be back with the Jets this season.

I believe that PFT’s report is right on the money.  I would be shocked if the Jets didn’t bring up Sanchez’s name to the Bucs.  But now they have to save face and deny that happened so they don’t further destroy what’s left of Sanchez’s ego.




  1. JETSJERK says

    Duh, Why doesn’t anybody see the reality of this situatuion?
    It is Tebow, not Sanchez, that sells seats…especially in Florida. See the trade package now? HELLO!

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